Ciclovia delle Valli Bolognesi

Ciclovia delle Valli Bolognesi



Ciclovia delle Valli Bolognesi is a route designed for e-MTB and it is based on 3 major itineraries crossing the territory of Savena and Idi­ce valleys: Via Flaminia Minor with its wide landscapes and views, Via del Fantini with its geological for­mations and Via Mater Dei with its religious sanctuaries.

Ciclovia delle Valli Bolognesi con­nects the previous itineraries in a loop, passing by the main points of interest: the Abbadessa badlands, the Monte delle Formi­che sanctuary, the Croara chalks area, the ruins of the Madonna of Settefonti, the Loiano Astronomi­cal Park and the Monte Bibele Archaeological Park.

The Ciclovia is a 147-kilometer-long circuit – about 33 percent on dirt roads – divided in three stages: from Ozzano to Monterenzio, 48 km, from Monterenzio to Loiano, 44 km, and from Loiano to Ozzano, 55 km. This division is indicative and everyone will be able to break up the route as preferred, counting on an exten­sive and well-distributed network of services and accommodations.

The itinerary can be cycled in both directions.



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